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Meet Madison

Candidate for Oklahoma's 5th District

Madison is a 7th generation Oklahoman and a proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation. For over a decade, Madison has built a career as a cybersecurity leader, working to defend American interests. She understands the demands of globalization on geopolitics as well as the necessity of effectively defending against foreign adversaries, nation-states, and terrorist organizations. Now, she’s running to serve her state and her country as the Congresswoman for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District. 

This Race Will be Tough, but Nothing in my Life has Come Without a Fight.

Washington politicians are out of touch and their agenda is leaving too many of us behind. It’s time politicians gave a damn about Oklahomans. We’re building a campaign that puts people before party, and holds Washington accountable. In order for us to win, we need your support. Our campaign is powered by grassroots donors across the state and country. Can you donate what you are able today? 

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