Strengthening our Border Security

With my extensive experience in cybersecurity, geopolitics, and foreign policy, I bring a nuanced and informed perspective to the critical issue of border security. My understanding of sophisticated cyber tools used to defend against digital threats provides a unique foundation for developing innovative approaches to enhance physical border security. This expertise, combined with a clear-eyed view of international relations and technology, is integral to my commitment to a comprehensive and effective border security strategy.

My approach to border security acknowledges the multifaceted nature of the challenges we face. This includes strengthening our border defenses with a blend of technological advancements and informed foreign diplomacy. As a strong advocate for balanced and humane immigration policies, I believe in discouraging illegal entry while simultaneously providing legal pathways and bolstering international cooperation. Addressing the root causes of migration is a cornerstone of my strategy, emphasizing the need for long-term, sustainable solutions to border security challenges.

  • Combat Fentanyl Crisis: Implement bipartisan solutions to tackle the deadly fentanyl epidemic, including enhanced border management and processing capacity. Increase staffing, upgrade technology, and expand facilities at border points for effective screening and vetting.

  • Secure Borders from Threats: Support functional border measures, including a wall in targeted zones, coupled with diverse strategies to protect against foreign threats exploiting vulnerabilities. Implement balanced immigration policies that discourage illegal entry, provide legal pathways, and strengthen international cooperation to address migration root causes.

  • Leverage Technology for Enhanced Security: Utilize advanced technological solutions to improve monitoring and prevent illegal activities at the border. Enhance surveillance, law enforcement measures, and intelligence-sharing to combat criminal activities and security threats.

  • Disrupt Cartel Operations: Focus on dismantling cartel operations exploiting the border. Strengthen law enforcement capabilities and cooperation with Mexico to target these criminal groups. Reform asylum policies and address repetitive crossing attempts with comprehensive, fair, and efficient reforms.