Securing America Against Corruption

I am committed to transforming the political landscape from one of division to a united front driven by public service and the common good. As a business and cybersecurity executive, the daughter of a farmer, an Oklahoman, and a patriot, I bring a perspective that is far from the typical political narrative. My journey is not that of a traditional politician but one defined by ethics, values, and courageous leadership. I understand the importance of solving real problems, not just scoring political points.

In my career, I’ve learned the power of transparent, solution-oriented leadership and the impact it can have on communities and industries alike. This experience has instilled in me a deep commitment to fostering trustful collaboration and a government that prioritizes the needs of its people over partisan agendas.

As a leader, I am driven by a sense of duty to serve the public interest, not personal ambition. My aim is to reduce misconceptions and increase transparency, particularly in policy intentions and consequences. By doing so, we can open doors to more effective problem-solving, ethical decision-making, and a culture where different viewpoints are understood and respected. It’s time for a shift towards a government that truly represents and serves its people, embodying the values and spirit of the Oklahoma Standard and fundamental values of our nation.

  • Enforce Ethics and Accountability in Congress: Implement a strong code of ethics to hold legislators accountable for spreading harmful rhetoric and disinformation. Reform campaign finance to reduce the influence of special interests, including setting limits on campaign spending and contributions, and enhancing public financing of elections.

  • Foster Bipartisan Problem-Solving: Shift focus from political point-scoring to solving real issues affecting Americans. Promote bipartisan dialogue and cooperation through forums like bipartisan committees, joint town halls, and policy workshops. Encourage lawmakers to work across party lines on widely supported issues, fostering a culture of compromise and effective governance.

  • Protect Voting Rights and Secure Elections: Safeguard the integrity of elections by enhancing security and protecting voting rights. Implement campaign finance and lobbying reforms, including requiring disclosures for large-dollar donations, setting limits on contributions, and enforcing stricter lobbying regulations. This will help ensure government decisions are more influenced by public interests.

  • Combat Disinformation and Polarization: Utilize technology to counteract disinformation and safeguard the nation against both domestic and foreign threats, including those propagated by politicians. Tackle media polarization by promoting responsible journalism and enhancing media literacy, ensuring that the public has access to a range of viewpoints.