Reforming our Criminal Justice System

My dedication to criminal justice reform is fueled by a profound sense of compassion and the belief that our justice system must reflect the values of fairness, rehabilitation, and equality. As a candidate for Congress, my approach is about embodying these principles, advocating for a system that reflects and upholds these values. 

In pursuing this goal, I recognize the importance of seeking advice and wisdom from experts and those deeply rooted in the field. Continuously engaging with community voices and understanding their concerns is a key responsibility of my role. I am committed to listening, learning, and advocating for reforms that align with our community’s values and needs.

  • Combat Gun Related Violence: Direct resources to remove illegal guns from our communities and prevent their access by criminals, enhancing public safety and reducing gun-related crimes.
  • Enhance Rehabilitation and Community Engagement: Expand rehabilitation initiatives in the criminal justice system, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, addiction treatment, and vocational training. Invest in smart, community-based initiatives to build trust and safety.
  • Address Mental Health: Increase mental health professionals in our communities and develop specialized courts within the criminal justice system to focus on mental health issues that contribute to violence and crime.
  • Build a Fair and Just System: Implement restorative justice and equity measures, reform sentencing and bail practices, and reduce over-policing of minor, non-violent offenses. Focus on creating a justice system that is fairer, reduces mass incarceration, and emphasizes community engagement and rehabilitation.