Promoting the Oklahoma Standard

My deep love and sense of empathy for people have been the driving forces behind my actions. Witnessing the current political climate, where hate and division are exploited for distractions rather than focusing on real issues, I am fueled by a deep frustration. This frustration is not just with the divisive rhetoric but also with the misuse of religious principles to justify actions that are far from the values of Christianity – values rooted in love, forgiveness, seeking understanding, and refraining from judgment.

Having witnessed the power of unity and resilience in communities, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to upholding the Oklahoma Standard. This commitment means actively promoting a spirit of mutual support and reinforcing our community’s collective strength, especially in challenging times. My aim is to cultivate an environment where every Oklahoman, regardless of their background, feels respected, valued, and free from discrimination and hatred.

I am determined to work tirelessly to promote collaboration and mutual respect across our state, ensuring that the true values of Oklahomans are not just present, but evident to all.

  • Uphold the Oklahoma Standard: Promote unity and resilience within communities, encouraging Oklahomans to support each other, especially in challenging times. Reinforce the spirit of community support and collective strength.

  • Foster Inclusive Communities: Champion an environment where every Oklahoman is respected and valued, regardless of background or identity. Combat all forms of hate and embody the Oklahoma Standard of community solidarity.

  • Safeguard LGBTQIA+ Rights: Firmly advocate for the rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals, ensuring freedom from discrimination and hatred. Support policies that protect and uplift LGBTQIA+ Oklahomans.

  • Encourage Community Initiatives and Unity: Work tirelessly to promote collaboration and mutual respect. Focus on community support and volunteer initiatives, recognizing and celebrating acts of kindness and unity that reflect the true values of Oklahomans.