Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

In advocating for bipartisan, common-sense immigration policies, I draw upon my professional experience in cybersecurity and international relations. This unique blend of expertise provides me with a deep understanding of the complex balance between national security and the execution of legal, humane immigration practices. Recognizing the intricacies of the immigration process, including the essential coordination with Mexico, I am committed to transcending political rhetoric to implement practical solutions that mirror our nation’s core values of opportunity and fairness, underpinning the pursuit of the American Dream.

Addressing the crisis at our borders, I am focused on compassionate solutions that respect human rights and support those seeking to contribute to our society and economy. This includes advocating for pathways to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants who enrich our communities and strengthen our workforce, embodying the spirit of the American Dream.

My approach to immigration reform is rooted in a vision where empathy, security, and economic prosperity go hand in hand, ensuring that America continues to be a land of opportunity. My commitment to this cause is fueled by the belief in the transformative power of the American Dream, which should be accessible to everyone who seeks it within our borders through legal means.

  • Embrace Bipartisan Immigration Reform: Advocate for bipartisan, common-sense immigration policies that offer legal migration pathways and reflect our nation’s values, moving beyond mere political rhetoric to practical, humane solutions.
  • Address Border Humanitarian Crisis: Provide compassionate, sensible solutions at our borders, working in collaboration with Mexican officials, respecting human rights and supporting those pursuing the American Dream, including creating pathways to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants who contribute to our society and economy.
  • Create Balanced Workforce Solutions: Develop practical strategies that benefit both American workers and foreign work visa holders, ensuring a robust economy ready for future challenges.
  • Protect DREAMers’ Rights: Secure the future of DREAMers, integral to our society, by safeguarding their right to remain in the U.S., expanding H-2A and H-2B visas to fill employment gaps, and driving economic recovery.