Fighting for our Teachers & Future Workforce

Growing up as the daughter of an agriculture teacher, with a family legacy in public education, I bring a unique blend of leadership, innovation, and educational insight to the forefront of workforce development. My experience in steering large-scale, tech-driven enterprises has given me a firsthand understanding of the evolving demands of the 21st-century job market. This professional journey, combined with my deep-rooted connection to education, informs my approach to developing a workforce that is adaptable, skilled, and prepared for the future.

My commitment is to build an educational and workforce development system that does not leave anyone behind. I understand the transformative power of education, not just as a tool for personal development, but as a means to reignite hope in the American Dream. By leveraging my experience in the intersection of technology and leadership, I am dedicated to advocating for strategies that strengthen our workforce, ensuring it is resilient, diverse, and equipped to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the modern economy, thus restoring and reinforcing the hope and reality of the American Dream for all.

  • Educating vs Politicizing: Commit to supporting our educators through fair compensation, paid leave, and sufficient funding for public schools. Ensure curriculums are forward-thinking and aligned with future job market needs, focusing on both academic and vocational skills. Advocate for depoliticizing education, emphasizing the preparation of students for real-world challenges over political agendas. Work towards an education system that equips future generations for success for the 21st century.

  • Invest in Future-Ready Skills: Support vocational and technical training to prepare for in-demand jobs, especially in skilled trades and technology jobs. Expand apprenticeships and partnerships, raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, and incorporate innovating learning techniques (i.e. gamification) into skill development for more engaging learning experiences.

  • Promote Lifelong Learning and Reskilling: Enhance lifelong learning opportunities and reskilling for the evolving labor market so no one is left behind; including tax incentives for businesses offering training, government-funded programs for emerging industries, and accessible online platforms. Implement cross-generational mentoring to facilitate skill transfer and intergenerational collaboration.

  • Strengthen STEM and Integrative Education: Focus on STEM education – from Pre-K to graduation – while integrating the arts and hard science to encourage creativity and critical thinking. This approach will prepare a workforce capable of adapting to technological advancements and shifts happening now in the workforce.