Championing Oklahoma's Energy Sector

With over fifteen years working in cybersecurity, directly connected to the energy sector, including a pivotal role at Siemens Energy and advising the largest energy providers in the U.S., I bring a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted challenges in achieving energy independence. My extensive background in cybersecurity, coupled with deep involvement in energy, provides an in-depth understanding of both the technical aspects and the geopolitical landscape affecting this sector.

My expertise bridges the critical areas of energy and cybersecurity, marking me as one of the few with a deep grasp of how traditional and renewable energy sources, cybersecurity threats, and global geopolitical dynamics converge. Addressing the challenge of securing our energy sector against growing threats while seeking energy independence will be one of the generational challenges of our time — a challenge I am uniquely prepared to solve, with an understanding unmatched by current congressional members.

In Oklahoma, a state at the heart of America’s energy narrative, the need to embrace diverse energy capabilities is undeniable and the fact we can produce the cleanest energy in the world. This goes beyond state concerns to national priorities to ensure we are not dependent on our nations adversaries. My focus is on advancing emerging technologies, to embrace a holistic energy plan that embraces natural gas, nuclear, electric and oil and gas -, to boost efficient production and job creation. Moreover, my cybersecurity background highlights the critical importance of securing and modernizing our energy infrastructure against international threats and extreme weather conditions, ensuring its resilience and reliability.

  • Champion All the Above Energy Plan for Energy Independence: Advocate for a comprehensive energy strategy that positions the U.S. to be independent from our adversaries and as a leader in clean energy production. Promote the development of innovative energy technologies, emphasizing the transition to clean techniques and energy sources that is grounded in the challenges of today, yet with future goals in mind while ensuring energy dollars benefit the domestic economy.

  • Uphold Energy Production Leadership: Embrace Oklahoma’s legacy as being a leader in energy production, focusing on diversifying the energy sector with cutting-edge technologies to continue being a pivotal state in energy production. Highlight Oklahoma’s commitment to being at the forefront of energy innovation and sustainability.

  • Invest in Emerging Energy Technologies: Concentrate on advancing new energy technologies for efficient production and job creation. Prioritize preparing Oklahomans for careers in a rapidly evolving energy sector, with a focus on natural gas and nuclear energy as key components in the transition to a clean energy economy.

  • Secure and Modernize Infrastructure: Commit to upgrading and modernizing critical infrastructure to address modern challenges, such as cyber threats and extreme weather conditions. Ensure the reliability and resilience of energy systems for future generations, creating a secure and sustainable energy landscape.