Building Jobs and Powering the Economy

Growing up on a farm and the daughter of an agriculture teacher, I’ve gained a deep appreciation for the value of hard work and the importance of skilled trades in our economy. These early lessons, along with my journey to becoming a global executive and CEO in cybersecurity, uniquely positions me to support the development of a 21st-century economy. My understanding of both traditional industries and the rapidly evolving digital landscape allows me to bridge gaps and innovate in economic growth and job creation.

I recognize the importance of upgrading key systems like transportation, telecommunications, and energy to meet modern economic demands. Simultaneously, I’m mindful of the importance of traditional sectors like agriculture and trades, and the need to support them through innovative education and training. A 4-year college degree should not be the only way to access to the middle class, we need to support job training programs and technical education, which in many cases offer the best pathway for young people who want to raise a family and retire with dignity. My background equips me to understand the evolving job market, emphasizing the need for education programs that align with both high-tech industry requirements and the modernization of trades. This dual focus ensures that Americans are prepared for a diverse range of jobs, reflecting the dynamic needs of our 21st-century economy.

My commitment to fostering an economy encompasses supporting both emerging small businesses and essential trades that support our nation. Drawing from my experience in the tech sector and my roots in agriculture, I advocate for policies that stimulate growth through smart tax incentives and strategic investments in high-growth areas, alongside the modernization of vital infrastructure. This approach is aimed at creating a resilient, efficient, and forward-looking economy. In all of this, I aim to solidify the U.S. as a global leader in technology, while also ensuring the strength and vitality of our traditional industries.

  • Foster Job Creation and Economic Growth: Champion policies that stimulate job growth across various sectors, with a focus on small businesses and emerging industries. Support initiatives that drive economic development, including tax incentives for job creators and investments in high-growth areas.
  • Promote Sustainable Infrastructure Projects: Advocate for significant investment in sustainable infrastructure, creating jobs while building a more resilient and efficient economy. Prioritize projects that modernize transportation, telecommunications, and energy systems, ensuring long-term economic benefits and environmental sustainability.
  • Enhance Workforce Training and Education: Work to expand access to workforce training programs and higher education, preparing Americans for the jobs of tomorrow. Support partnerships between educational institutions and industries to align skills training with market demands, ensuring a skilled and adaptable workforce.
  • Support Innovation and Technological Advancement: Encourage innovation and technological development as key drivers of economic prosperity. Foster an environment that nurtures startups and tech companies, supports research and development initiatives, and positions the U.S. as a global leader in technology and innovation.